How To Get Cozy In The Bedroom!

Winter is here in Adelaide and it is cold and it is wet! We celebrated the Winter Solstice in the last 24 hours, so days will
gradually get longer, but it will be a while before things start to warm up. So the question we’re all asking is, “How can I
make my home appear warmer and more cozy?”.

I make my first moves in this direction, in the Bedroom. We want to feel all the warm fuzzies when we’re about to snuggle
in for a nights’ sleep.  We want warm, embracing coziness – a place that is calling you to curl up, be snuggly warm and to
embark on a good nights’ sleep.

So how do I get this look?!

Florence Broadhurst Bed Linen Circles and Squares

In Winter I prefer darker tones, so I start by changing my bed linen.  Off comes the white linen and I’ve replaced it with the
most gorgeous Florence Broadhurst linen.  It is …. DIVINE! Prior to buying this, I knew nothing of this product, to be honest,
I knew nothing about Florence Broadhurst herself!  Her abridged story is written on the packaging and I for one, was so glad
it was! She led an amazing life! But briefly –

Florence Broadhurst (1899 – 1977)
– Born in outback Queensland
– Travelled to Asia in the performing arts
– Started a wallpaper business in Sydney in the 60’s
– Today a celebrated artist of significance

In the early days she travelled and performed throughout theatres of  Singapore, Kula Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Calcutta,
Delhi and Karachi, then turning east to perform in Hong Kong, Shanghai, finishing in Manchuria, and back to Shanghai where
she stayed for some time.

Florence would take photos all around the world, where she was surrounded by a kaleidoscope of styles from cultures driven together
by colonialism.

She lived until the late 1970’s, leaving behind a staggering array of beautiful hand drawn wallpapers.]

Legend Australia has thoughtfully selected from her wallpaper design archives and translated them for the first time into
beautiful bedlinen. (Source)

Florence Broadhurst Bed Linen Circles and Squares 2

The quality of this linen is 10/10.  The finish is 10/10. It is genuinely superb!

I chose the “Circles and Squares” design. This is a classic geometric combination of Circles & Squares in a striking, bold design,
in monochromatic charcoal and white. The plushness of woven chenille adds a luxurious texture and contrasts with the printed
reverse in Chinese Key Silver.

Florence Broadhurst Bed Linen Circles and Squares 3

I think it pairs beautifully with our already dark interior – truly a beautiful sight! (And Who Cat also loves it!)

Because I’m trying to ‘warm things up’ I add a few more sheepskins on the floor, and put a few on my chairs to add extra
cozy appeal!

Rococco Style Feature Chair with fur and cushions  Rococco Chair and black and white photography print
I also pop a few throw rugs on the bed to up the ante just a touch by adding yet more layers and textures.

2016 Hermes Throw Rug

I like to share the love between the 2016 Hermes Throw which is abundantly cuddly and warm and the soft, plush delight
that is my Ralph Lauren throw rug.  My eldest daughter surprised me with this last Christmas and I adore it! (I also adore
that she has such great taste!!)  This piece is so soft and done in beautiful tones of light grey and white – It really, really begs
you to cuddle up with it!

Ralph Lauren Throw Rug Grey and White

I also switch out my summer scented candles to some with a more wintery feel.  I’m currently crushing over this Mor candle
in the fragrance ‘Marshmellow’.  This is one elegant candle! The packaging is all black, comes with a lid complete with its own
soft pink tassle, and it smells amazing!

Mor Marshmellow Candle with Black Packaging

The other candle that I’m burning is Ecoya’s ‘Warm Bonfire Nights’. Ecoya’s packaging is sleek, simple and elegant.  The lid
is in a silver finish, adding to its elegance.  I like to buy my Ecoya candles from here!

Ecoya Warm Bonfire Nights Candle

As always, nothing in life is simple and making my bedroom cozy comes with its problems.  Every time I walk in the bedroom
I am immediately drawn to the bed …. To that cozy, soft, cuddly bed ……

Good Night!


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