Louis Vuitton Sunglasses

I love sunglasses – they’re my go to accessory throughout the year.  A great pair of Sunglasses can complete an outfit,
lift your spirits, or allow you a bit of privacy if you choose to hide behind them!  This post is about the glasses I have
from the Louis Vuitton collections.



I nearly always try to buy my glasses while I’m away on holidays.  Not only do they serve as a wonderful holiday momento,
it also means I can access latest styles from the stores overseas.  (Sadly another downside to living in Adelaide where we
don’t have an LV Store).



The Louis Vuitton Brown Ivy Cat Eye glasses are my most recent purchase.  They were purchased from the Louis Vuitton
Store in Queenstown, New Zealand.  These glasses are an absolute treat to wear.  Not too heavy, not too showy, just gorgeous
sleek tortoiseshell look bi-layer acetate frame.  Stunning to look at and through! The ‘Cat Eye’ shape is flattering and would
compliment most face shapes. These glasses are made in Italy and have the Louis Vuitton signature inserted in gold on the arm.

The point of difference with these beautiful glasses is the lovely flower petal inspired shapes on the temples – so stunning!
The glasses have  gradient tinted lenses which ensures 100% UV protection.  As with all their sunglasses, they come with a
hard case, dust bag, Louis Vuitton box and booklet.  These were a great purchase and every time I wear them I am reminded
of the reason we were in Queenstown …. My daughter’s wedding!!




LOUIS VUITTON Jasmine Sunglasses Gold Glitter

These are my ‘flashy’ sunglasses! Absolutely stunning! So many gorgeous details, these glasses make me swoon! Mike bought
me these glasses from the Rodeo Drive store – I think they were one of the first purchases we made from there and were given
such wonderful customer service which continues every time we visit.  And we love that!!

These glasses are square in shape with gold rims. The hinges are signed with a Monogram flower in leather and rhinestones –
So, so pretty! The arms sparkle with golden glitter which gives these glasses a stunning edge. They’re made in Italy and have
the 100% UV protection lenses which are a really cool gradient shade of brown/gold. These are fabulous sunglasses can be worn
every day, or break them out for a really glam look!


When I wear these glasses they remind of beautiful sunny Californian weather and strolling down Rodeo taking in all that it has
to offer ….. “Sigh”




As with many of my special things, these sunglasses come with a story.  Mike and I got married on top of a mountain in Queenstown,
New Zealand.  We wanted a small wedding, inviting only those closest to us, and we also wanted the ceremony to be casual.  We were
comfortable in jeans, so that’s what we wore.  We also chose to wear sunglasses.  (Both of us can get emotional!!).  I wore my first pair
of LV Sunglasses on that day and every day after that, was reminded of this very special day.



Sadly we were broken into a few years later and as a result lost a lot of personal items, including my wedding sunglasses.  I was devastated.
They were more than just sunglasses. Because they were now a few seasons old, it was impossible to get an exact replacement. (Sad Face)

The Louis Vuitton Brown Tortoise Shell Soupcon Oversize Sunglasses were the first pair I saw that resembled the originals.  Not the same,
but I loved their chic look and knowing I was never going to get an exact pair, I opted for these.


They have a larger round lens and the beautiful tortoiseshell frames complete with the iconic S-lock hinge inspired by the Louis
Vuitton luggage. I adore the gold hardware on these glasses.  Makes them stand out and turn heads!!!
They also have the gradient lens and 100% UV protection.  Beautiful glasses, handmade in Italy.

These glasses, although different, are a beautiful substitute for the ones that got stolen.

(And if you’re wondering, I hand glued swarovski crystals onto a hard case.  Took a little while, but it’s pretty sweet!!)


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