The Beverly Hills Hotel Signature Shop

A stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel isn’t complete without a visit (or two!) to their Signature Gift Shop.  They have so
many exquisite items that selecting just a few things isn’t easy!  I think of it as a little shop full of gorgeousness!

I can’t begin to tell you the huge range of items they have in there and I’d suggest if they didn’t have something,
they would soon procure it from somewhere! Literally nothing is too much trouble at the BHH!  Admittedly, there
are some items with huge price tags, but everything is high quality and many items are made especially for the Hotel.
These are souvenirs that are over the top!

Since staying at the Hotel, I’ve developed a little crush for pink and white stripes.  It screams Beverly Hills Hotel, so I
love to buy those signature items and style them around our home.   I mean, if we can’t stay there every day, we can sure
make it seem like we are!



I keep these three items in our bathroom – Gorgeous luxe bubble bath by Antica Farmacista – exquisite packaging and beautiful
‘Lush Palm’ fragrance.  The sleek white label features the iconic banana leaf and has the hotel’s name written in its own famous
font.  Perfect! Next is the white candle.  Again featuring the banana leaf and hotel name in gold on the white canister.  (I don’t have
the heart to burn this yet!) And the very sweet pink rubber ducky! How very awesome!!


Here are some wonderful summer items.  I’m a fan of wearing a cap in summer if I’ve got a casual look going on.  I think they’re perfect
teamed with a great pair of sunnies, and if you’re going to wear a cap, why not wear one with the BHH name on it?!


Behind the cap is a pink and white striped beach bag.  Made of waterproof material and  has the hotel’s insignia on the front.  To be fair,
I don’t use this at the beach, I use it if I’m racing to the grocery store or doing a bit of light shopping!


And underneath those items is the pièce de résistance!  The pink and white striped beach towel.  Love this item so much, I had to buy two!
These are the most sublime towels ever – and they are HUGE! They are 175 cm X 85 cm and are incredibly plush.  Featuring the pink and
white stripes with the hotel insignia on the front.  I have these out on the pool deck on two white sun lounges.  Looks fab!


These little items were too gorgeous to resist!  An eye mask – you never know when you might need one! An emery board with
the hotel’s name on it and striped on the back, and some privacy signs that I hang on our bedroom doors! That always makes me feel like I’m
at The Bev!


And travelling is so much more fun when you have your very own pink and green luggage tags!


I absolutely adore these art deco drink coasters.  These black and white (perfect!) acrylic coasters come in a set of four and feature some
very iconic Beverly Hills Hotel scenes.


These are so fabulous! I use them in various settings, but they really get a ‘work out’ in Summer by the pool! They make a wonderful landing
place for your drink!


I’ve bought a few items of clothing from the store as well.  The black work out pants are of a really high quality – I’m a huge Lorna Jane fan,
but dare I say, these are better?! They are awesome to wear and have the name of the hotel emblazoned across the back waist panel.  (I feel
like I can wear these almost anywhere – totally acceptable with that name on the back!!)


I’ve also got the pink hooded sweatshirt, which is in a very light fabric and of course, signature pink! It too comes with a gold BHH crest on the
front. Perfect casual outfit worn teamed together.


Probably my most outrageous spend in the Signature Shop was buying the Eloise dog bed made especially for the hotel! I cannot even remember
how much it cost, but what I do remember is the $900.00 US spend to ship it home!


It is the most luxurious, plush dog bed any little doggie could wish for! And it’s pink! It’s made of soft minky, velour type fabric with a huge, lush
cushion set inside.  And inside the pink chenille heart on either side, are the words The Beverly Hills in the iconic font.


Seriously, I sometimes look at this bed and wish I could curl up in it! I’ve taken all the covers off it and have washed and dried them and they
came out perfectly! Looked brand new again! I love it, Harry loves it – who cares about shipping costs, right?!

And before I go, I’ll let you know one last fabulous piece of information – you can make purchases from the Beverly Hills Hotel Signature


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