Tom Ford Soleil 2016 – Fire Lust

Inspired by the look of skin bathed in summer evening light, this illuminator creates an irresistible, translucent glow.
It’s peach-pink shade flatters every skin tone while moisturizing and soothing skin, and its highly micronized pearls
diffuse light for a naturally enhanced, sun-kissed look.”  – TOM FORD Beauty

(Be warned: This product is so beautiful that you may be tempted to not use it!!)

Fire Lust Skin Illuminator is a repromote from last season. This product is a beautiful skin highlighter,
which can be worn alone or under and over makeup. (Wow! That was a mouthful!)
RRP $100 AU and available from David Jones, either in store or online.


You can mix Fire Lust with your foundation or tinted moisturizer. It has a peachy/pink base and is loaded with golden
shimmery particles that when applied onto your skin, leaves the most stunning golden glow. (No over the top shimmery
mess here!) What it will promise, is a soft glimmer of pink/gold that really catches the light and yet doesn’tadd a lot of
colour. It’s there gently shimmering, and yet it’s not there so much that you look like a glowing beacon!


The formula is incredibly light and so easy to blend. You can’t miss the minute particles of gold dust both in the
bottle and on your skin, the magic that creates the most perfect golden sheen.

 Also, you can wear this over your blush for an incredible luminous glow which accentuates your cheeks beautifully!
You can apply this Skin Illuminator either with your fingers or a foundation brush.  It is easily administered from
the pump on the bottle and somehow, like magic, it delivers the perfect amount every single pump!  This is brilliant
and really cuts down on any wastage – Thank You Tom!


Sadly for we Australians, this campaign is actually launched in Winter …. But the news isn’t all bad!
Thankfully these products make you feel like you’re in the midst of Summer, and give you the look
to match that feeling! Use this beauty gem mixed with your body mosituriser and apply to your shoulders
and neckline for a perfect Summer glow.
Typical of all Tom’s beauty products, Fire Lust has great staying power.  It’s an easy 8 hour wear for me,
but as I mentioned, we’re in the middle of Winter. (I would hazard a guess that it would stand up to at least six
hours wear in the height of Summer!) Obviously if you’re mixing it with your favourite foundation, its longevity
could become vulnerable depending on the longevity of your foundation.


I adore this product and have worn it in a multitude of ways. The packaging is stunning, and I use it
so frequently that is sits on my vanity top for easy access and some gorgeous eye candy for me every time I see it!


In closing I want to say that Tom is very sneaky! Yes sneaky! He continually produces these products
that are, in every way, perfect!  We see it, we touch it, we sample it, we buy it and we are, by now,
under his spell! We look at the price, we freeze for a second, but we know we must absolutely,
positively HAVE IT! I applaud you Tom Ford – Everything you do, you do so well and I for one,
love being under your spell! 


And yes, even Who Cat is under the spell!


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