Who & Watt

Who and Watt – the two cats who rule over this house! Named after
my favourite fashion designer, Harry Watt, a.k.a. Harry Who, Who
and Watt came into our lives two years ago.  And things haven’t been
the same since!

This is Watt – She is stunning, very timid and can pull a very fabulous
‘Grumpy Face’!


Her sister, Who, is quite the opposite in nature.  She’s incredibly inquisitive,
bold and brash in nature, but she does not like to be held! Scratches and rubs
are fine, but she seriously objects to being picked up!


Who will set up home in any sized box!


No matter where I am in the home, Who is my constant companion.
I know she loves me dearly, even if her standoffish nature says otherwise!
They also do what cats do – Every morning around 4am they decide it’s
time for talk! They’ll jump on the bed and meow until one of us wakes
up and gives them some attention. (Bad cat parents here, we give into their
demands every single morning!)



They have their own Instagram account @WhoCatWattCat and once
had their 15 seconds of fame when Peter Alexander shared one of their
Insta photos!


In case you were wondering –

Who and Watt are ‘Exotic Shorthair’ cats – The Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat
developed to be a short-haired version of the Persian. The Exotic is similar to the
Persian in many ways, including temperament and conformation, with the
exception of the short dense coat. (Although our Watt has more of a Persian coat!)

Yes! They drop a lot of hair! These cats drop so much hair I’m surprised they have
any left on their bodies!

These two cats are quite ‘talkative’.  The moment they see you (if they’re not sleeping!)
they will greet you with a meow or three or until you pay them attention!  I think this is
a gorgeous trait, unless of course, it’s 4am!

They are very fussy eaters! (Read VERY fussy!)


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