Meet Our Landscapers


Adelaide Elite Landscaping totally transformed our sloping block of land.
Ryan and his team worked closely with us throughout the design and build
stages.  They started the work on our front yard, building retaining walls,
feature walls, automated sprinkler systems, lighting and also laid a wide
sweeping granite driveway.


I may have changed my mind once or twice (read almost everyday) but the boys from
Adelaide Elite Landscaping patiently listened to my thoughts, added constructive
advice and together we have developed a stunning tropical oasis in the driest
state in our Country.



 Once the front was completed we started the Pool Area around the back of the house.
Again lots of ideas were thrown around and one or two major last minute changes
were made.  Initially a poolside cabana was to be erected at the end of the pool, but
the night before excavation was to start, I changed my mind! And if that wasn’t enough for
AEL to deal with, I also changed my mind about the type of paving I wanted around the pool.


All’s well, that ends well and my 1200 x 400 mm bluestone pavers were sourced and
imported from overseas. My now defunct cabana had made way for a sunken fire pit,
enclosed by a moat leading from the pool. (Much better than a cabana right?!)


One other, absolutely necessary feature in our pool area is Harry’s Fire Hydrant.
It’s his own personal area and what dog wouldn’t love their very own red fire hydrant?!




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