The HOLLYWOOD Powderoom

I really pushed the boundaries in this guest bathroom, and I love the
result! Black porcelain floor tiles and floor to ceiling black glass tiles
on the walls.  Add in the black cabinetry and you’d think it would be
a disaster – the proverbial ‘black hole’!


I love this bathroom and I love that I took a chance and went with my instinct.
The black is offset by a wide feature strip of silver mosaic tiles laid centrally
behind the toilet.


 And we’ve installed LED lighting under the cabinetry near the hand washing basin.
The inspiration for this basin came from the Penthouse Suite in the Sofitel Hotel,
Queenstown, New Zealand.  We booked this suite for a week when we got married
there and I was smitten with the way the water appeared to come out of the mirror.
We eventually tracked the system down and now I get to see it and use it everyday!!


Behold – The Purist® Wading Pool® above-counter bathroom sink!
How gorgeous are the sleek, angular lines?! And the way the water runs
off and around this shallow basin.


We’ve completed the sink with the Purist medicine cabinet with laminar faucet –
and this is the result!



 It’s fairly special, isn’t it?! I’ve repeated the use of the black sparkly glass
vanity tops – I can’t get enough of this look! I struggled for a while making
a selection for this vanity top as well as the ones in our Master Ensuite –
and then our builders showed me this! A standout feature I think!


I’ve finished the look in this bathroom with a Swarovski embellished Prada
sign and a gallery wall containing some quotes that really reflect me!



One last little item I have in this bathroom – A fun little framed sign I made
that upsets my Mother every time she uses this room!!  🙄



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