The Lounge Area

This is the area that we ‘hang out’ in.  I adore the space and I constantly
change it’s style.  Always adding lots of texture for the winter months.

Black and White Lounge Area with textured furs and leather

 It’s a large space on the lower level of the house that looks out over the
pool area.  Our Kitchen, Dining and Lounge areas are all in this open

Luxury Lounge Room

During the design phase before building the house, Mike knew one thing that
he definitely wanted …. Those massive, automated, electric sliding doors!
Combined these doors give us ten metres (nearly 33 feet) of unobstructed
viewing to outside.

Automated Electric Sliding Doors

Around and below the television we have some built in cabinetry and shelving.
Housed inside the cabinets are all the ‘workings’ for the television, DVD Player, Bose
sound system, DVR unit for the security cameras and a router access point for wi-fi.
Shelf space is always taken up with a changing array of fashion books, candles and
accent pieces.

Black and White Lounge Room with feature chair

Black and white lounge room with mirror coffee table

 I’m very lucky with those that know me – If they’re ever in doubt as what to buy
me for a gift – Just make it a fashion book! I never get sick of looking at them!
But of course, Tom’s is my most favourite!

Tom Ford Coffee Table Book

The very lovely Leeann from Elle & Elka spoils me so much!
Every time she comes to visit she comes with the most beautiful
gifts from her store! Leeann and her lifetime friend Evelyn own
a stunning boutique, and let me tell you, they sure have an eye
for beautiful fashion and home accessories! Below is their stunning
‘Pink Suede’ Candle.

Tom Ford coffee table book fashion books

I have a beautiful feature chair sitting to one side.  It’s gorgeous black
velvet with pop art cartoon fabric hiding on the back! I love the ‘quirk’
that this adds to the room.

Black velvet feature chair

 Black and White Lounge room with black velvet feature chair

We installed underfloor heating in this room.  It is wonderful!
We start heating the slab underneath in late May, so no cold toes
throughout winter! (And the cats love it! They are frequently
found stretched out just enjoying the warm!) But Harry loves
the comfort of the lounge!

Black and White Lounge room with georg jensen candle sticks

This room still needs more artwork, and I do have my eye on some
more pieces from These Fine Walls, but for now, we’re happy just
lounging around!

Black and White Lounge Room with mirror coffee table


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