The Fire Pit

By far, one of the most spoken about features of this house, is the
Fire Pit. Sitting at the eastern end of the pool and surrounded by
a moat of water is the sunken fire pit.


It’s the perfect spot to use all year round, deep enough that
we are protected from the wind, yet large enough that we can
comfortably sit about 8 people.

The Pit has remote controlled LED lighting around it, which of course
is colour changeable. I like to leave it set on purple which is the current
colour of the pool lighting.


So far I’ve been unsuccessful in finding suitable furniture
for the pit.  I’m deeply crushing over some Vondom pieces,
but as yet, haven’t locked anything in. For now we use some
of the leather chairs from the outdoor dining area.

We used the same cabinet makers from the interior of the house
to build the housing for the fire. I’ve matched the door handles
to those used in the outdoor kitchen.  The LPG fire sits inside a
massive slab of black granite.  We’ve also used black fireglass.


 We love to ‘hang out’ in the fire pit, whether it’s just the two of us (and
a bottle or two of Champagne!) or with friends – it’s the perfect place to
unwind, catch up and watch the flames!




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